A moment in time.
A lifetime of moments.

Capture Your Wedding's Best Moments… From Every Angle!

You've hired the best photographer in the area and have planned everything well in advance. As good as he is, though, he can only be in one place at a time.

Keepchest is a service that gives your guests the opportunity to contribute to one of the biggest days of your life. Using the Keepchest app, friends and family can help create a crowd-sourced pool of photos and videos taken from every angle - including those that your photographer could not possibly get.

As photos and videos are added, you can pick the best shots for attendees to view from within the app. The rest are automatically added to your very own wedding site for later viewing and sharing.

Phone Screenshots

Service Includes:

  • Unlimited photos and videos
  • iPhone access to your wedding
  • Wedding web site
  • Pre-designed invites
  • Guestbook
  • Wedding info for guests
  • Walgreens printing
  • Personalized presentation
  • Facebook and Twitter sharing

If a photo says 1000 words
What do 1000 photos say?

How It Works

  1. Sign Up

    Once you sign up, you'll be given an Invite Code specific to your wedding. This will be your key to access your wedding via the Keepchest iPhone app.

  2. Configure Your Wedding

    Select your colors, enter your wedding information, upload some photos or videos and even write a personal message for your guests to see. Take a few moments to download the Keepchest iPhone app from the App Store (it's free!) and familiarize yourself with it.

  3. Invite Your Guests

    Send your guests your wedding's Invite Code and a link to the iPhone app - either on the day of your wedding or weeks before - and they will be contributing to a lifetime of memories in no time!

Your Wedding Web Site

With Keepchest, each event has its own wedding web site containing all the photos, videos, guestbook entries and information found within the Keepchest iPhone app. This allows you to share your wedding with friends and family even if they don't have a smartphone, days or months after the event is over.


Sign up now for a free trial and see why Keepchest is the perfect accompaniment to your wedding today!

No credit card required for free trial
One-time $129 activation fee for 18 months of service